“ One, if by land, and two, if by sea;

 And I on the opposite shore will be,

Ready to ride and spread the alarm

 Through every Middlesex village and farm”

                                                                                              – Paul Revere’s Ride

The Meaning of a Passion

Creating is our life. It is the soul of American Craft Candle, a part of who we are. But what makes this company and our product so unique?

  • Heritage: Just as the faithful watchman on the north bell tower who lit the signal for Paul Revere’s midnight ride blazed the way to a new nation, we as the sons and daughters of those few but brave stand to bear the standard for a dying guild. One wound into the very fabric of our history. To us, making candles is not just a passion, it’s a tradition, and one we hold sacred. Our enthusiasm for designing authentic natural candles with the most genuine fragrances around, is second to none, because here, candles are a very part of who we are.
  • Process: At this company, we justify our obsessions by calling them artistic expressions. And it’s not just the process, it’s the equipment too. Our wax melter is one of a kind because we hand built it. We began with an insulated convection kiln, manufactured by Wenesco in Chicago, IL. Over the course of two months we completely gutted and re-wired a state of the art, self optimizing temperature controller with 100% American made system components from Omega Engineering in Norwalk, CT. By accomplishing this, we are able to facilitate complete control over every element in our melting process, bringing the wax to temperature very gently. Much more gently, accurately and efficiently for example than a water jacketed heater, the most common type of commercial process wax melter used today. Not only did we optimize the operating procedures on our custom unit, but further from each melt, we are able to gather hard data to study and fine tune the most desirable conditions for all our custom blends. Even our labels come to life on our own state of the art, gallery image printer.
  • Materials: At American Craft Candle, we place great value on the sourcing and integrity of our ingredients for so many reasons. One reason this consideration is paramount to us is because it hits so close to home.  When the mother of one of our founders lost her courageous battle with breast cancer in 2016, we were reminded that although our gifts can be therapeutic and transporting, they may also sometimes be a great responsibility. Especially when burning candles or any carcinogens in the presence of a terminally ill person. This lesson became our first company goal, which is to make sure that every ingredient or oil we choose is not just safe, but the most safe. Because of this real life experience, we take immense pride in the sourcing of our oils and wax, all purveyed from American companies who create and manufacture their products domestically. For example, all of our natural soy wax is made from beans grown on American farms, primarily in the Midwest. Our extensive fragrance library has grown with the mindset to explore the very best essential oils, in quality and origin, from most every national and regional fragrance house in the land. Our search for perfection is unwavering. All of our materials, whether they be our custom tins poured in a factory in Allentown, our classic Ball Jar line manufactured in Colorado, or our cotton wicks grown and crafted in Texas, are proudly made in America. We approach our sourcing with this strategy because we know that American craftsman and artisans are the best in the world, and supporting them is not only important, but it’s also good business.
  • Craftsmanship: For over 10 years American Craft Candle has been exploring and creating with soy wax blends. A culmination of these many years, piled with generations of experience, has lead to the custom all natural vegetable blend we use today. Our one of a kind blend optimizes scent load, burn longevity, and melt point. Absolutely no one has a better, more efficient, or cleaner burning candle recipe, period. It’s what makes us so unique and it is also what separates our product from our competitors. Second, our love of smell has fueled an unwavering determination to seek the ultimate and most natural scents available. We started distilling with materials from the family farm as teenagers, and since nothing has fascinated us more than the incredible power of smell. We take great pride in our creations and our mission to bring you the most gratifying, all encompassing, patriotic and natural sensory experience possible.  Our fragrance library includes over 1000 oils from all reaches of God’s beautiful earth, and mixing them has become one of our favorite pastimes. These many pursuits are what characterize our passion for the art of candle making.
  • Value: This once American virtue all too often nowadays seems absent from the craft goods market. We want everyone to enjoy our products, and so for all that we offer, in keeping with our mission to bring you the very best, we also strive to do it for a great value. All the time we see small and large companies alike selling 8-12 oz tins for $30 and up, and we just can’t see the sense in it. That’s why you will rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy our wonderful candles without any buyer’s guilt. At American Craft Candle, what you see is what you get, our genuineness is our greatest asset. You will find no greater scented candle anywhere. Let our pricing and loyalty programs show you our appreciation, because in the end, we’re all in this together.
  • Experience: We want our product to leave you with one impression, the most complete, full sensory experience in the world of candles. We don’t just want the scent to trigger you, we want the natural elements of those pallets to find expression visually. You will find that many of our custom lines include locally foraged representations of the notes you are reading on the nose. We want to bring you into the candle, to become a part of something both whole and deconstructed, and realize fully the beauty of the many treasures this world has to offer.
  • Our Team: Any chain is only as good as its weakest link, and here at American Craft Candle, we are so proud of the partners and vendors who choose us. Candles aside, we have some of the very best graphic designers, artists, photographers and farmers who help us every step of the way. In aiming to make for you the very best expression of us, we decided in 2016 to incorporate a platform by which you might also have an opportunity to express your own vision. Contact us today to find out how we can use our many years of experience, equipment and scents, to customize your very own candle line. Our graphic designer will work with you to create your own one of a kind label and our fragrance experts will work with you to create and express most any scent you can think of, or even help you develop and create your own. Right down to the container, we are the perfect solution for corporate events, weddings and gifts, but most importantly you’ll know you’re getting the very best there is to offer.